Texas Elite has stood the test of time!! Co-Directors, Debbie Jaehne and Becky Palermo actually helped start the first club in the Houston area in the late 1980’s. Texas Elite was formed in 1990, and is still a top club in the area because of our combined coaching experience and success.

As directors, Debbie and Becky are committed to a top quality coaching staff. If you are looking for the “best training,” then Texas Elite should be your Volleyball Club.  Time and again our players tell us that their training is top notch! Our coaches are loyal,  because they believe in our commitment to the training of our players.

Becky states, “As a high school coach for 35 years, many of my players are involved with different clubs. There is a definite difference in the quality of fundamental skills from those girls that play for Texas Elite and some of the other clubs. Many clubs do recruit the top athletes, but then they don’t enhance their individual skills. I feel that this is one of the strengths of Texas Elite…enhancing the individual skills of each “committed” player.”

Debbie, Beth, and I will act as lead coaches for each age group … this is our commitment to our club players … making sure that the expertise of our lead coaches trickles down to our coaching staff and our players!

Our youth program, Petite Elites, prepares our youngsters for the club experience by introducing and fine tuning fundamental skills. As Petite Elite director, Beth Gammill has groomed our outstanding young athletes with a fun and productive volleyball program that focuses on preparing players for middle school volleyball and the introductory club experience.

Why Texas Elite? The results are in … every player receives the highest quality of coaching and attention to individual skills! That is what you are paying for, and that is what we provide!!